Fire Performance

Mt. Etna, Sicily Tel: +39 328 863 1935

Mutation, Techno and Punk

In the 1970's some new art forms and sounds tore out of the underground scenes in the U.K. and beyond infecting the world with anarchy and freedom, today these movements have reached maturity and are in a phase of transformation, on this page you will find links to some of the people who have been involved in the laying foundations of modern art and music.

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Take part

Do you want to get involved with a Fire Machine? Take a look at these links and the other parts of the site, do you feel that you have an idea for a show, the capacity to perform or maybe you would like to work with children in our educational sectors: We welcome voluntary workers and are always happy to provide paid jobs to temporary employees.

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Link back

We are a low profit organization, all proceeds are reinvested into our various sectors of performance, animation and education, you can help us promote our activities by linking back to us, let us know, we will inform you of any address changes and modifications to our sites.

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Visual Links

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Link List

Clickable title Address Theme Desciption
  • Batarnu
  • Sicilian performance artists The Batarnu web site with photos and info
  • Erico Moreira
  • Sculpture A showcase of Erico's big installations and jewelry
  • Lyle Dog Head
  • Motorized sculpture Videos of Lyle in action with his kinetic art
  • M.S.Stubnitz
  • Venue Information and where abouts of this floating art gallery and club
  • SueSide
  • Sculpture and paintings Photo's of the abundant and colorful work of Sue
  • Wrekon
  • Mutated Scrap art Original robots and motorized sculpture from members of the original Mutoid Waste Co.
  • 2000 D.S.
  • Music Harder than core punk rock music from 2000 D.S.
  • Spiral Tribe
  • Music Techno music from Spiral Tribe still going strong.
  • Malastradafilm
  • Films Film & Ricerca.
  • Livewiretransport
  • Transport Sound transportation
  • Dario Marino
  • Films Director & Film Maker
  • Tim,Steve & Reay
  • Audio Audio equipment production & distribution
  • Fair Tunes
  • Music FairTunes is a registered charity