Fire Performance

Mt. Etna, Sicily Tel: +39 328 863 1935


More than 20 years experience in various forms of club throwing.

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Transportation of heavy materials is in our nature.

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Our Firemachines are more than welded metal, they are art.

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Seasoned performer

Firemachines roots go way back.

Once known as Dangerous Fire Bob this artist took street performance to the next level with his giant fire cars placed haphazardly on street corners and town squares, a living nightmare for terrified traffic police this artists performances often risked starting riots as crowds protested against the attempts of the forces of order to prevent the imminent mayhem that ensued during his performances.

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Multi Personalities

Driving Firemachine on its rip roaring ride through existence we have three main persona's with others behind the scenes waiting to leap out when least expected.

Bob Fire
Actor, entrapreneur and parent.
Danger Bob
The name says it all, this interesting character is primarily a danger unto himself. his comic performances are a parody of disaster, he creates flying machines that don't quite get off the ground and sets fire to the hearts and minds of his public.
Atomic Bob
This explosive personality exists only in the parallel reality of the internet. He is a quantum physicist and cook, his recipes range from Welsh greasy spoon to Sicilian cuisine.