Fire Performance

Mt. Etna, Sicily Tel: +39 328 863 1935


It is possible to organize large public events and private parties.

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Sculptures on demand, thematic scenography.

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Based in Sicily

Our construction workshops our to be found on the flanks of an active volcano called Mt. Etna.

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Fire, theater, exhibition, parades, juggling, swinging, welding, mechanical innovation, stunts Firemachine can do it all...

Hardest trick: five fire torches in the dark, hottest trick: twin fire trumpet swinging, original trick: double fire chukas. Big props include an electric trike mobile sound system and a crazy spinning fire car.

Firemachine is available for the construction of fire sculptures.

Fire Machine is street theater combined with living sculpture creating performance art. The objective of the performance is to create strong emotions in the audience, realize the hidden fantasy’s of the crowd and bring across a positive message to the people.

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Taking street theater to another dimension

Firemachine is conceptualized for the insertion of circus stunts and mutated machines but the basis of its effective actions are those of story telling and theater, a tempestuous voyage into fantasy and improvisation.

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We welcome artists, actors, musicians and travellers from all cultures interested in getting involved in our performances and all the other activities we do here such as gardening, woodworking, child rearing, even nothing and just relaxing in the hot Sicilian sun and letting your imagination and creative spirit permeate the area.

Public safety declarations

The safety of our audience and visitors is foremost in our concerns.

We guarantee a safe performance


You can learn from us and we can learn from you.

We are embarking on a co-housing scheme and Firemachine is much more than just art and performance, it is a way of life and survival, growth and understanding how to live together in harmony with our neighbors and create jobs where there is unemployment, energy from natural sources, food from the earth, art from scrap metal housing from raw materials we find on the land. In short a model of life that can be handed down to future generations.

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