Fire Performance

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The origins

Bob Fire, Atomic Bob and Danger Bob, these are the diverse elements of what is to become Firemachine, fictional characters living out a fantasy life in a surreal and yet real world.

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Life on the road does not have to be rough, it just is sometimes, other times the feeling of true freedom that living in a truck on the side of the road or some field, even in and old abandoned factory is beyond compare with the daily grind and debt that houses tend to cause in this our historical period.

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The Bacardi Bat

Advertising is a great way to make money for an artist, the formation of Firemachine would have been impossible without it working with big brands like 'West' and 'Bacardi' is what made it possible to do things on a bigger scale. Firemachine is about doing things on a bigger scale and at the same time not getting lost in commercialism.

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Bob in Boots

Raised in the country by a host of parents, step parents, grand parents and people who just felt the urge to take part in this little boy's life, it was a rough ride through infancy through to an early adult hood, enjoyable in every nightmarish moment and throughout many unforgettable experiences.

Demolition derby

Here we see a snapshot of the infancy of Danger Bob as his mother steams round the bend in her Rover leaving the competition in the dust.

The Killer in me

A book by Danger Bob that tells a dramatic present day tale with flash backs to a wild and free infancy through to the teenage years of this character, a tempestuous novel that vows to awaken its readers. A nonstop ride through life's flow of flames with a touch of murder thrown in, leaving the reader wondering: is it fiction? or a true story!

Past events in chronological order.

  Where When Why
Born Wales 1973 Love
Home School Throughout Europe 1977-1984 For freedom and thanks to a mad parent
School Wales 1984-1987 For the hell of it why else?
Double Decker Bus Wales then Europe 1987-1989 We sold our house and brought a double decker bus
Circus training Various location Europe 1989-1992 For survival.. after losing the bus, unlikely as it may sound
2000 DS Tours in Europe 1992-1997 For the love of good music and real people
Danger Fire Bob Italian tour 1997-1998 For the love of pizza
Bacardi Rum Sicilian club and discos 1998-2001 For money
Batarnu Sicily and Italy 2001-2003 for theatre
Danger Bob Sicily and Europe 2003-2011 For life and love
Atomic Bob Worldwide 2011-2012 For the internet