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Atomic Bob is looking for promoters interested about investing in this unique artist. All funding will go towards creating a bigger and better show. Entirely self made, Atomic has been working in showbusiness for over 20 years, the beauty of street theatre is that it is funded directly by the audience but to create larger performances external sponsorship is needed.

Atomic Bob is happy to promote ecological business and no or low profit organisations, in the past he has actively promoted large distrubutors of alcohol and cigarettes, so those areas have been covered.

Dont hesitate to contact us.

Your business will profit and the people will enjoy the show.

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Services Overview

Atomic Bob is a fire juggler a sculptor and a cyber clown, he is a metal mechanic and the creator of fire operas.

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Looking for a fire performance in your town or city dont hesitate to call or email Atomic Bob.

Address:Atomic Labs, Etna
Telephone:0039 328 863 1935
E-mail: atomic@atomicbob.tk