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Posted on 17 sep 2012 by Atomic   |   Presenting Atomic, proposals 111

Atomic Bob and his fire machines fire, mayhem and sculptures. Cyber punk performances. Prepare yourself for a new experience Atomic and his crew will bring to you something original every time you book him.

Enjoyment and crowd participation are guaranteed. This is what awaits you: we have a totally new motorized fire machine that spins, wheelies and breathes fire, in a spettacular display of pyrotechnics it will host a trapeze act and of course Atomic Bob.

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Your Party Will Be Enjoyed By All

Posted on 17 sept 2012 by Atomic   |   Bringing to you Atomic, Bob 777

This multi dimensional personality has many names, you may know him as Danger Bob.You may know him as Fire Machine This artist has been burning with fiery passion on the streets and in the venues throughout Europe for over 20 years.

Now we bring to you a new version of this versatile character: Atomic Bob. He will burn brighter and longer than ever before as he unites with unique Sicilian artists to bring you and all new performance, yet again.

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Atomic Bob has prepared many styles of performance for your entertrainment.

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