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Atomic Fire Hat

Atomic Bob has numerous performances, here he is riding a giant tricycle in a Sicilian carnival parade

Danger Bob at Calatabiano

Here is another character by the same artist performing at the Caltabiano Medieaval festival

Pyrophone at Atomic Labs

Here is the Atomic labs workshop during testing of an experimental fire instrument that combines the beauty of warping red hot steel with mysterious sounds

Atomic Bob and Stromboli

Here is Atomic bob performing with his pyrophone in action, mixing street theatre with extreme fire sculpture

Fire machine ready for transport

Atomic Bob can transport his fire machines throughout Europe at low costs and organises tours every year

Hi we are FIRE MACHINE, bringing to you the one and only Atomic bob and his amazing fire machines

Fire Shows
Bring an extraordinary artist to your town

Atomic Bob can rock your world and set your night on fire in a wild and certainly dangerous fire show, DONT WORRY! Only the actor is in serious danger of getting roasted. The safety of the audience is our top priority.

Atomic Labs
Multiple activities available

Atomics crew is also available for juggling, welding, wood working, mechanical, metaphysical and pyrotechnic workshops for all ages

Visit Atomic Bob
At his home and garden

In the exclusive surroundings of Atomics place at Mt. Etna in Sicily, Whilst you hangout with Atomic Bob he will take you on tours of the Southern Etna Zone and trips up the active Volcano itself.

Theatrical workshops

You can also get involved in theatrical and acrobatic workshops organised by his affiliates in the zone

We are in the process of creating a multiversity for all age groups based on the educational indications layed out by Rudolf Steiner at his Waldorf academy, emersed in olive and citrus fruit gardens we are welding, wood working, basket weaving, painting and working with felt.



Sicily , October 4, 2012

Atomic Bob juggling five clubs.

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We look forward to hearing from you.

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